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JITO Professional Forum (JPF)

JPF is a wing of Jain International Trade Organization formed with an idea of connecting Jain professionals across the globe, networking with industry leaders & aspirants and drive everyone towards success. JPF is Of the Professionals & By the Professionals. JPF facilitates horizontal networking for building a collaborative advantage through social, business and cross-industry networking while learning the best global practices by organizing various programs.


JPF is a platform to involve, network and engage Jain professionals globally. The Forum is to facilitate opportunities to connect Jain professionals with JITO members at large and work towards professional development and growth.



Our mission is to build a platform where Jain Professionals can engage with each other and also interact with JITO members. Our goal is to create avenues that will allow Jain Professionals across sectors to network and grow professionally.


Value Proposition for Professionals

  1. Network amongst peers;

  2. Learning from peers;

  3. Learning the Global Best Practices;

  4. Access the most accomplished professionals;

  5. Personal and Professional growth;

  6. Leveraging emerging trends.

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