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Gratuitous Consulting Program

Gratuitous Consultation Program (“GCP”) is one of many unique initiatives by JITO Hyderabad Professional Forum (“JPF”) to facilitate valuable consultation by selected Expert Professionals who are a part of JPF to the members of JITO family & JPF Invitees, free of cost. It is a platform for JPF Invitees & JITO family at large to access the services of varied Jain Professionals under one roof. This program not only enables intra community consultation but also comes with a trust of getting right advice from the fellow community expert.

Note: The experts shall be available to offer their views / opinions / suggestions / recommendations under this program at fixed intervals and at a pre-defined time i.e. on every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month between 3:00 PM to 5:00 P.M. Members shall call the selected expert only on these days between the said time.

Members availing GCP shall abide by the guidelines and modalities mentioned here.

Professional Categories

Business Meeting
Graduation Caps
Engineering Sketch
Reviewing the Laws
Fortune Telling Cards

Want to be a part of this initiative as an expert?

Please email your profile at with a copy to

Ashish Kumar Jain
Project Coordinator
+91-99493 11635
Ankit Jain
Deputy Project Coordinator
+91-96420 25111
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