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Gratuitous Consultation Program


  • The external environment for businesses is fraught with challenges of unprecedented levels, both in terms of growth opportunities for businesses, and to comply with the complex web of regulatory compliances. Further, absence of reliable and trustworthy information in a time bound manner compounds the challenges faced by the businesses and increases the cost of doing business. The primary objective of this initiative is to deal with such situations and to improve the overall ease of doing business for members of Jain community. The experts under this initiative shall offer access to the invitees who are part of JITO Hyderabad Professional Forum (“JPF”).

  • JPF strongly believes that such a platform is the need of the hour, and could be immensely useful for members of JITO, including the extended family of JITO such as JITO, JYW, JLW & JPF Invitees.


  • The platform comprises of select invitees of JITO Hyderabad Professional Forum having diverse background and expertise in a given field and who have voluntarily accepted to be a part of this initiative solely with a noble intention to contribute back to the society by imparting their knowledge and experience.

  • JPF shall facilitate this consultation by providing comprehensive profiles of all the selected experts for the benefit of JITO members and JPF Invitees and to enable them to make independent assessment in selection of suitable expert for their needs.

      Please note that the contact details of experts would be visible on submission of certain basic information

      relevant to the consultation protocol.

  • Once the basic details are filled in, a member would be able to view the contact details of the selected expert.

  • The experts shall be available to offer their views/ opinions/ suggestions/ recommendations under this program at fixed intervals and at a pre-defined time i.e. on every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month between 3:00 PM to 5:00 P.M. Members may call the selected expert only on these days between the said time.

Guidelines of Gratuitous Consultation Program

  • As the name suggests, Gratuitous Consultation Program (“Program”) is purely for consultation purposes only. The experts would not be required to provide any written opinion/ advice/ execution/ preparation of documents/ sharing of specimens, etc.

  • The experts shall provide oral/ verbal consultation on a pro bono basis under this program, exclusively to the members of JITO Family including JPF Invitees (“Member” or “Members”). However, experts and members seeking consultation may enter into a formal professional arrangement based on mutual understanding between the engaging member and the respective expert.

  • The services under this program shall generally be rendered over a phone call, however with the prior appointment of the expert, a member can meet the expert in person, for further deliberations to avail the services of the experts.

      It is hereby clarified that meeting-in-person shall strictly be on prior appointment with the respective expert only. A member 

      may directly contact the expert for seeking the appointment. 

  • The members shall ensure that they contact the experts only on 2nd & 4th Saturday of a month that too between 3:00 PM to 5:00 P.M. Adherence to this of utmost importance.

  • In case a member is in need of an immediate consultation/ advice, such member would have to mandatorily send a message (text or WhatsApp) to the expert and only with the permission of the expert, a member shall call the expert.

  • It shall be understood that the experts are providing their services based on their individual knowledge, expertise and experience; there may also be instances where the expert may not have an immediate solution to a query/ issue, in which case the member would be expected to respect the same with patience.

  • In case of certain areas which the expert would self-decide, the expert would be free to inform the member that an advice/ opinion cannot be given pro bono and accordingly would not be covered under this program.

      The experts would be expected to use this only in few cases failing which the whole objective of this program would be


  • A member shall, on his/ her own discretion implement any advice/ opinion/ suggestion given by the expert. The expert shall not be held liable or responsible for any advice/ suggestion/ feedback whatsoever. However, professional services rendered in accordance with a formal arrangement shall be governed by the terms of engagement between the member and the expert.

  • A member may take reasonable time to get back to a member with respect to a query/ advise.

  • A member would be required to fill an online feedback form which shall be made available to the member. This form would enable us to improvise the program.

  • Neither the experts nor the members shall take Undue advantage under this program.



  • The views/ opinions/ suggestions and/ or recommendations provided by the experts under this program are purely their individual views.

  • JITO Hyderabad Professional Forum is only creating a platform for members/ invitees of JITO family solely to seek consultation from experts and is not in any manner advertising or soliciting professional work for any expert. The profiles/ credentials of the experts displayed are based on their self declaration and have not been verified by JPF.

  • JITO Hyderabad Professional Forum does not charge any fee, in any form whatsoever, neither from the experts nor from the members/ invitees of JITO family under this program.

  • JITO Hyderabad Professional Forum shall not be held responsible for any acts/ actions/ loss on account of any advice/ opinion/ suggestions and recommendations given by any expert under this program or otherwise.

  • JITO Hyderabad Professional Forum reserves the rights for any changes/ modifications in the program any time of time without any intimation.

For any clarifications/ queries, connect with:

Ashish Kumar Jain, Project Coordinator, GCP on +91.99493 11635 or
Ankit Jain, Deputy Project Coordinator, GCP on +91.96420 25111 or
Tapasvilal Deora, Convenor, JPF on +91.99662 99213

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