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Balai Naman Jain


Profession / Expertise

  • Practicing Chartered Accountant – Founder and Senior Managing Partner (Naman

      Balai & Co. Chartered Accountants)

  • Faculty for Chartered Accountancy Course - Direct and Indirect Taxes (Rahul’s CA


Past experience

  • Experience of over 5 Years in fields of Tax Advisory & litigations, Project Financing, Financial Consultancy, Auditing and Allied Activities.

  • Over 6 Years of Experience in Training Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary Students in Subjects such as Taxation and Accounting.

Notable Achievements

  • Started Appearing for Tax litigations at various Appellant Authorities at the Age of 20.

  • Started Lecturing Chartered Accountancy Students at Age of 22. Trained more than 1500 students. Multiple students have achieved National Level Ranks.

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