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Pramod Jain

BE, E&I, MTech Digital Communications

Profession / Expertise

Expertise 1:

  • Technology: Software/IT biz, Telecom, Renewable (Solar), Education

  • Business planning and operations

Expertise 2:

  • Manufacturing

Expertise 3: Start-up consulting, Idea Evaluation, Feasibility, PMC, Implementation, Professional consulting


Past experience (Number of years)

Past Experience 1: 31 years

Past Experience 2: 31 years

Past Experience 3: 15 years


Notable Achievements

Achievement 1:

  • Designed award-winning Optical Telecom equipment for Defense

Achievement 2:

  • First Mobile manufacturing in India & start-up in 2002.

  • First largest Solar manufacturing & start-up in 2005.

  • Taking it to a 600 Cr business in 4-5 years.

  • Public listing of the company.

  • Lead the Technology and operations team as a Board of Director (COO, CEO)

Achievement 3:

  • Leading technology collaborations for Indian companies (NORTEL, Kyocera-Qualcomm USA/Japan, Fujitsu, Axesstel USA/Korea, Hisense China, Roth & Rau Germany and more!)

  • Global Experience of working in many major countries including USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Germany.

  • Professional consulting of several start-up ideas, Renewable projects, IT/software projects, Education institutions

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