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Sandeep Nagda

M.Tech (Mechanical Engg)

Profession / Expertise

  • Machine Design

  • Computer Simulation of Fluids , Structural strength for Industrial Machinery.

  • Engineering services industry 

Past experience (Number of years)

  • Voith Turbo Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad  (7 years)

      Design of Hydrodynamic Fluid Couplings, Retarders for buses

  • Vizzitec solutions, Hyderabad (2 years)

      Design of special purpose machines (using machine vision cameras) for automatic inspection of mass produced

      components .

  • Invilogic Engineering services, Hyderabad  (3 years)

      Projects in Design Automation for industrial products

  • DRDO, RCI, Hyderabad  (2 years)

      Re engineering of Electro hydraulic servo valves

  • Windsor Machines, Thane (2 years)

      Design of Injection Moulding Machinery

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